Munsiyari – My Experience in Little Kashmir

Munsiyari - Little Kashmir
Picture taken from inside the moving car

Holidays or vacations are words that bring joy to everyone. I’m no exception. Last vacation we went to a hilly area – Munsiyari. Unknown to many, this place is still untouched by pollution.

Munsiyari is 300km north of Nainital. It lies at the base of the great Himalayan mountain range. As we reached our destination we were caught in a hailstorm and we could do nothing that evening.

Himalayas – A Dream Come True:

However, the next day morning, we could enjoy the beautiful sunrise over the Himalayan mountain range. Our journey towards the hills itself was entertaining, thanks to the deserted serpentine roads and awesome views by lush forests of pine and rhododendron flowers.

A dream came true – I was in the Himalayas. Played like a polar bear with piles of soft fresh snow. Built castles in the snow. Dad, Mom and I had snow run race from top to the base of Snow Mountain as if we are participating in winter Olympics. Enjoyed throwing snowballs on each other.

myself in snow
Unbridled Joy

Played as long as I could and then finally shivered my way inside the blankets. Had Real fun for more than 4 days. It was a remarkable experience to spend my vacation at Little Kashmir.

A Journey to Paradise and Back:

Still, my mind stays in that field of snow far from this civilized world filled with smoke and noise. I’m proud to say that my words can do no justice to the breathtaking beauty of Munsiyari.

Himalayan mountain horse
Is it a Himalayan mountain horse?

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