My First Kutcheri

I’m a vivid music lover who enjoys all kinds of music. Although I’ve a great passion for other things but I feel music as a great escape as it feeds my mind.

There’s something magical about the first take. Though it may not be great but still it is fascinating. My mom says, “It’s fun and spontaneous”.

My First Kutcheri / Live Performance:

I am super happy to announce that, last week, I experienced first live performance. Yes, it’s my first kutcheri.

As chants of Govinda Govinda rented the air in the premises of Balaji temple, we added devotional fervour with Annamacharya Keerthanalu (Adivo Alladivo Harivasamu and Sirutha Navvula Vaade Sinnakka ) in our first ever carnatic music concert.

Adivo Alladivo Harivasamu

Sirutha Navvula Vaade Sinnakka

To be frank, I’ve never had so many people around me but still I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. And I’m super happy that my first live performance went well. A big thanks to my music teacher who have been fantastic from day one.

Thought, it might be worth keeping it around and thus published the recorded video here. Hope you like it! 🙂


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